We help to open new horizons by opening the world of endless opportunities to our Clients. Halal Certification is a key to new markets and significant expansion of exports.

Certification Process

Our organization provides services for the certification of Halal products. Our certificate allows companies to export their products to Muslim countries. In addition, the certificate enables companies to increase sales of their products in other countries and markets where Halal products are required.

LLC Halal Control Central Asia provides certification in accordance with 3 standards, depending on the country of export:

UAE.S GSO 2055-1:2015 (Halal certificate is issued by the accredited body Halal Control Lithuania) Gulf countries
MS 1500:2019 (Halal certificate issued by the accredited body Halal Control Lithuania) Malaysia
HCCA.G:2021 (Halal certificate is issued by Halal Control Central Asia) Other countries

Below you can select Application Documents in accordance with the required standard and scope of certification:

Certification Types

Please send documents to info@halalcontrol.uz and wait for confirmation from the representative of Halal Control Central Asia.

Please note, that in order to make the certification process faster and smoother you need to carefully read and follow all the instructions provided in the application documents.

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